Mrs.Strangled and Mr.Shot
Duration 50 min
The script of the audio-visual story “Mrs. Strangled and Mr. Shot” is based on the documentary material of a scandalous prewar case.
In 1930, prelate Konstantinas Olšauskas was sentenced for killing his former lover by strangling her. Several years later, having served his prison sentence, the prelate was shot. Both crimes were not definitively solved. Surrounded by darkness and great interest of period society, this crime story is transformed into a 50 minute-long audio-visual work of art exploring desire. Silicone puppets are produced from resistant hermetic material used in construction. The performance of the Psilicone Theatre is filled with resilient nudity of puppets, the magnetism of music, special visual effects of pastries, and restrained humour. All that makes a universal hermetic substance suitable for filling both small cracks of the heart and large holes gaping in society’s consciousness.

“There is a feeling of immediacy and gripping archaic aesthetics in the Psilicone Theatre’s play. The play’s forceful images get a frantic tempo, and you can’t help but get sucked into the tunes of Tomas Dobrovolskis.”
Linnea Stara, Swedish magazine HBL, 26 August, 2010.

„As both technicians and performers, the collaborators play with their hand- made materials/instruments and the live pacing of the storytelling with enormous pleasure, creating an engrossing experience for the audience. Watching these artists, I’m sure they’re part of a new generation doing what they love to do, without needing to second guess what the West might want.”
Fiona Winning, Australian art magazine REAL TIME, 95 issue, Feb-March 2010.

Tomas Dobrovolskis is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, an inventor of original instruments having no analogues in the world: the Brass Globe (Qhun-Ti-Ta) and the Glass. With his instruments Tomas plays solo and in group projects of academic, experimental, improvisational, jazz and world music. He has performed in Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden, England, Belgium, Finland, Aland Islands, Iceland, and Israel.

Auksė Petrulienė is an artist who created the unique “Psilicone Theatre”. Its actors are miniature silicone puppets, whose performance becomes visible as a large and colourful video projection created live. A performance of “Psilicone Theatre” is a public video play with silicone characters, special image effects, texts, and personal objects. The action is supported and accompanied by music. Silicone puppets are resilient and indestructible. Bent, stretched, pulled, pressed, immersed in various liquids and paints, they demonstrate resilience and can become an example of survival in the poisonous daily life. That is how the physical characteristics of puppets determined the social themes addressed by the “Psilicone Theatre”. From 2005, “Psilicone Theatre” holds its performances in spaces untouched by art (typical courtyards of residential blocks, swimming pools of sport clubs) and traditional stages, trying by all means to meet as many untypical spectators as possible, to get to know their demands and offer them both contemporary art and an antidote for the problems tormenting society.