„Psilicone theatre“ participated at Bornholm Puppet Festival from 5 th to 10 th of September 2013 as it was planned.
The group of three members – Auksė Petrulienė (direction, puppet performance), saxophonist Jan Maksimovic (music composition and performance) and Darius Petrulis (technical assistance) traveled from Vilnius to Bornholm and presented the performance „Reject Your Soul“ at Bornholm Puppet Festival.

Performance was presented twice:  on September the 6th at 16:00 and on September the 8th at 14:00 at Bornholm Art Museum's cinema.

It was a right place for our performance.  We had ideal technical conditions for the video projection, which is the main expression of miniature puppets performance. Cozy cinema hall provided an opportunity for the audience paralelly follow live creation of video projection. Every spectator could observe „Psilicone theatre“ video laboratory, miniature puppets and their action from very close distance.  The following conditions served for the best effect of our performance.

New musical version of „Reject Your Soul“ was premiered to the Bornholm audience. The multicolored saxophone music by
Jan Maksimovic clearly expressed the conception of soul. Performance is based on O.Wild tale „The Fisherman and His Soul“. The fisherman falls in love with mermaid and should send his soul away if he wants to join his beloved under the water. Therefore the soul is interpreted as breathing in our performance. The saxophone - a wind-instrument – perfectly expressed the voice of soul and strengthened the concept of performance.

The visual part was supplemented with new images - photos of Bornholm landscapes and local granite outcrops were used as a scenery for puppet drama. Some phrases were translated to Danish lanquage and appeared on the screen as subtitles. Through the following local inclusions in performance we managed to establish live contact with the public. After the performances we had conversations with spectators, they had possibility personally  investigate silicone puppets, their flexibility and special way of movement under the camera.

In summary participation at Bornholm Puppet Festival influenced positive transformations of the performance in the directions of stronger conceptual approach and visual suggestibility.
Moreover Bornholm Puppet festival provided an excellent opportunity to explore contemporary puppetry. 41 companies were presented at the festival and more than 100 shows scattered all over the island.  We got many inspirations attending other shows , such as interactive  site specific „Fishing For Shadows“ („Wild Theatre“,
New Zealand/Austria) or exceptionally sensitive „Goodbye Mr. Muffin“ („C& De Røde Heste“, Denmark).