Touring installation of paintings, lights and photographs for the conservatory of botanical garden

Auksė Petrulienė – paintings

Rokas Vengraitis – photos

wach photos


The idea was born between Italy and Lithuania, between summer and winter, between nature and culture.

Kaunas conservatory is a very popular place for wedding photos and film making.

It inspired the idea to exhibit the cycle of paintings telling the biblical story of Adam and Eve. The paintings exhibition is acompanied by photographs revealing the act of painting as very similar to creation itself.

The core paintings were created last summer during plain air in Mondaino (Umbria, Italy). Every year some new images are added to the collection.

Exhibited between exotic plants together with specific fragrance, wet and  warm atmosphere of conservatory, they creates a real adventure for the visitors.



The conservatory is one of the warmest public spaces in Latvia in February.

The installation in the conservatory makes the contrast with cold and snowy weather. It could attract people to visit botanical garden in winter time, in low season.

The nature and art meets each other in harmony in botanical garden. This synthesis

could magnetise visitors.  

The focus on biblical story  about creation of man and woman, about the creative motion in general in the ambience of nature helps to harmonise the soul.

It’s a good alternative to those who are against the commercializm in public festivals.